Covid-19 Update 18.3.2020

Following this evenings Governmental Announcement regarding Covid-19 action plan, we would like to let our parents know that tomorrow and Friday … we are open as usual!

We are hoping to gain some clarity as the expectation for partial closure on settings like ours and what this means for you from our Local Authority.

We also be clarifying the term ‘Key Workers’ and will be asking families to identify themselves within this category.

We understand that this is a difficult and somewhat distressing time for our families and staff alike, but we are trying to be as informed as possible.

Due to the nature of our setting the announcement of ‘partial closure’ does not automatically apply to our setting, so until we advise otherwise please know that for now it is ‘Business As Usual’

We will keep parents updated through our website, facebook page and via email, so please keep and eye out for updates 


If you have some questions about what happens with regard to closures, fees and Covid-19, please have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions by clicking the link below:

FAQs 19.3.2020