Important Updates to Opening Hours

Dear Parents / Carers,

In order to continue to support our Key Workers and provide care for their children, The Old School will be making some adjustments to its opening hours and will be running with a key staff team of practitioners.

From Monday 30th March 2020, The Old School opening hours will be as follows:

Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 8am -5:30pm

Tuesday & Thursday: 7:30am – 5:30pm

This change will continue until such a time as The Old School can reopen fully.

Our committed staff team of 5 have been selected due to their role with us, all highly experienced and dedicated to providing the best for your child.

Whilst we continue to offer our services to your families, please be aware that there may be periods of difficulty whereby we have to implement our emergency staffing procedure, which may include working with flexible ratios for a short period.

We also are continuing to review the situation with regard to setting health and well-being alongside the viability of remaining open.

Given the extraordinary circumstances in which we find ourselves we have made the decision to (where possible) for senior management to work remotely from home. To support this, we have updated our GDPR policy, which details how we will be accessing and store setting records.

Please note that from Monday 30th March:

  • Verity  – Practice Coordinator: responsibility for spaces, policy, complaints and general day to day operation.Verity Palmer will be working remotely and will be available to contact from Monday to Friday 8am -12pm to answer your queries about extra spaces, policy queries or for any updates on the settings operation. Verity will also be in daily contact with our team at The Old School to ensure everything is running smoothly and give support if needed. You can email The Old School or call her directly on: 07912 751620
  • Natasha – Partner and Safeguarding Lead. Natasha will be working mostly from home. All general enquiries should be forward to either Verity or Lisa, unless you have a specific concern regarding the safeguarding of your child, a member of staff or the quality of provision in which case please contact Natasha directly via email: or call: 01392 50042 (please note this is a skype number due to the lack of phone signal)


  • Lisa  – Finance / Business Manager. Lisa will still be available working from within the office and will be available to answer any financial queries Monday to Thursday mornings.


  • Katharine  – SendCo. Unfortunately, due to circumstances Katharine will not be available to contact directly for the time being. If you do need to contact Katharine, please contact Natasha or Verity who will advise.

Please remember that if you need to inform the team of your child’s absence or discuss any aspect regarding your child directly, you should call the team on 01822 612362 followed by 3.

We would like to thank all of our parents and carers who have offered their continued support for the setting, your kind words and ever lasting patience at this difficult and confusing time has been gratefully received.

We wish everyone of our families good health and hope to see everyone in the near future.


Kind Regards,

Natasha Bollons