Covid-19 Update August 2020

Slowly but surely, we continue to work through our ‘phased return’ and to a state of normality.Whilst it is still a joy for us to hear the setting filled with the happy sounds of play and to see our children enjoying our provision once again, we must remain cautious as to the world in which we now live and aware that we cannot go back to ‘normal’ we can only move forward and embrace a new way of working.

To ensure that we are working to continually to reduce the risk of Covid-19 and as part of the legal requirements placed upon us, The Old School must ensure it has a ‘System of controls’ in place. We have done this throughout our actions under our IPC and risk assessment, which are available to view at anytime on the Policy Page of the Website.

Many of our actions with regard to our IPC and risk assessments will continue, with the exception of a few minor updates, and we ask that you remain vigilant of these and continue to work with us in keeping our children and staff safe and well at The Old School.

The IPC and risk assessment now include the following updates:

Return from abroad and isolation advice:

Following the Government updates, we are regularly updating our IPC with the latest quarantine/isolation regulations.
We are requesting that all employees and families who plan to travel abroad inform us of their destination
so that we may advise regarding self-isolation/quarantine.

Return to normal opening times from 3rd September 2020: Monday to Friday 730am-6pm

Drop off & Collection Procedures:
• Parents will still be discouraged in entering the nursery provision for drop off or collection.
• Parents/Carers with a sibling attending should continue to drop off and collect from each unit
individually. Unless they are a 7:30am drop off or 6pm pickup in which case they may enter in one
• 7:30am drop offs and 5:30pm – 6pm collections will be made to Caterpillar entrance for 0-3yrs and
Ladybird Entrance for Butterfly 3-5yrs. These groups will access separate rooms 7:30-8am and 5:30-6pm.

Single Setting Policy:

We continue to promote a ‘single setting policy’ and we are encouraging all parents to consider the impact of sharing settings and the number of interactions children are having with a view to a risk for Covid-19.
We continue to ask that children who attend more than one nursery or a childminder, pick 1 setting to
attend where possible. Where parents need to access an additional provider we have requested that they
contact the management team directly to discuss.

Sickness Policies and Procedures
• Where a child presents with one or more symptoms of Covid-19, we will request a test is undertaken immediately or that the individual isolate for 10 days.
• Once a negative test has been confirmed, we can allow children to return once clinically well.
• Where symptoms are not in-line with Covid-19, our team will continue to follow and promote the settings Illness and Exclusion Policy including advising on periods of exclusion, medication and treatment.
• There is zero tolerance on children being medicated before entry to The Old School, any evidence or concern a child has received medication to mask symptoms (such as calpol) will be challenged with parents/carers.

It is fair to say that Covid-19 has had a large impact on our sector and that we can expect more to come.
It is imperative that we continue to be flexible in our practices and adapt our model to fully support our families and business moving into the future.

Alongside our updated ICP, we will be shortly updating our terms and conditions of service and some policies and practices will be adjusted long term in order to continue to operate safely and in the best interests of the health and well-being for all at The Old School. We will keep you updated regarding these matters.

In July, we offered a ‘cohort transition’ to allow those children who turned 3 years within the lock-down period to move to Butterfly together alongside a familiar member of the ladybird team.
We feel the outcome of this was very positive and it is something we will be continuing with future groups.
Transitioning in this way is immersive and secure. Better supporting positive attachment for the children with the security and support of a familiar adult and group of peers. Parents and carers are able to meet their child’s new carers whilst feeling secure that their child’s needs and well-being are being met without disruption.

Transitioning in this way further supports the ICP and risk assessment by continuing to keep ‘key groups’ separate.

Transition policy will shortly be updated and shared but will include the following points:

  • • To further support the IPC & risk assessment for Covid-19 children will no longer be transitioning individually to new units on or after their birthday
    • Children will transition alongside a small group of peers, known as Bubble Transition
    • Bubble Transitions will take place over the period of week, throughout the academic year approximately every term
    • Transitions will not involve settling sessions, but instead children will ‘begin’ in Butterfly but be supported all day Monday to Friday by a member of the ladybird team.
    • Practitioners will utilise this period to information share and build attachments with the children and their new key family, whilst ensuring ‘key groups’ are not having contact.
    • This may mean that some children may transition before or after their 3rd birthday. Transitions will be   considered based on individual child’s needs.
    • Parents will receive a transition pack and be offered the opportunity to discuss their child’s with their child’s key person.
  • The first Bubble Transition is planned for 2nd-6th November 2020

If your child is due to move to Butterflies in the Autumn Term, a member of the Ladybird Team will discuss your child’s transition with you further and we will happily answer any questions you may have.

Your feedback regarding our setting is invaluable and we would be grateful if you could take the time to complete the attached survey about your experiences of our provision.

If you would like to share your family’s experiences of The Old School or leave a review of our service for prospective parents to read, you can do this on our facebook page.

We would like to take a moment to thank you all for your ongoing support of The Old School and for entrusting us with your most precious beings. We look forward to continuing to provide for our families in the months and years to come.


Kind Regards,

The Old School Management Team