All About Us

We are pleased to welcome you to The Old School Children’s Centre where we offer every child and their family an opportunity to experience a warm, inviting and welcoming learning community.

The Old School is owned and managed by three family partners (Founder, Lesley Griffiths and her daughters Natasha Weake and Abbie Gardiner) who work alongside a team of highly qualified and experienced practitioners who are committed to providing the highest quality of care and education for each child in their care.

First opening its doors to families in 1990, The Old School Children’s Centre has seen over 1500 children through their early development and education, and onto transition to school.

We aim to have a close working relationship with yourselves and your child and believe that it is only by working closely with parents that we can help your child reach their full potential and give them the best start in their early years.

We also believe that our relationship with the wider community is vital in this aim. We have developed close links with all local schools that your child may later attend.

At The Old School we are fortunate to be able to provide care and education for children from birth up until the age of 12 years.  Supporting parents, carers and sibling groups throughout the transitions from Caterpillar to Ladybird to Butterfly and into school enables us to build strong and meaningful relationships with the families in our care and we aim to be flexible and accommodating in meeting their needs at all times.

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Our Ethos
At The Old School we want to inspire all of our children to aspire for their future, to be proud to be themselves and to ensure they are equipped with the foundation of skills essential to their future life.

We recognise that our children are unique individuals and their personal experiences and knowledge is the foundation for our teaching, promoting a child-led approach and ensuring each child’s learning journey is individual and supported as such.

The Old School is an inclusive setting, working to champion all children in our care. We recognises the responsibilities to children with Special Educational Needs (SEND) as everyone’s responsibility and collectively respond and monitor achievements and needs within our provision.

Our priority is people and we promote a family centred approach within our business.

We recognise and value the diversity of our children, families and staff, and are an inclusive setting. We understand that needs, experiences and journeys will be unique to the individual and work together to support these.

We encourage and support our children, families and staff to care for, respect and value others and their world.

At The Old School we choose to invest in a team of well qualified, child-centred and invested professionals and to provide a safe stimulating environment, together ensuring a high quality and engaging provision in which children grow, learn and achieve.

The safety and well-being of our children, staff and families is a priority and we believe it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure a culture of safeguarding is promoted and that the British Values are upheld.

At The Old School we will:

Inspire our children to aspire for their future

Promote a family centred approach within business

See the unique child; promote an inclusive child centred, child-led approach to teaching and learning

Promote the responsibility of SEND as a collective, and ensure together we are championing all children

Celebrate the diversity of our Old School Family by promoting respect and value of others and our world

Promote an effective culture of safeguarding for all

Children attending The Old School are able to say:

I am…

I can…

I share…

I care about…

I believe in…

I love…

I enjoy…