Meet the Team


Natasha Bollons            Lesley Griffiths        Abigail Gardiner


Senior Management Team

Natasha Bollons – Ofsted Nominated Person, Designated Safeguarding Lead & Finance Manager

Katharine Jennings  – Send & Inclusion Coordinator, Quality Assurance of Practice & Provision

                            Verity Palmer    – Practice Coordinator, Deputy Safeguarding Officer, Fire Warden

Tina Bunker – QA Support Teaching & Learning


Caterpillar Unit 0-2 Years old. 

Jessica Duchenne – Caterpillar Team Leader & Responsible Person

Laura Dell – Early Years Practitioner

Sarah Morrison – Early Years Practitioner


Ladybird Unit 2-3 Year old.

Shelley Jackman – Ladybird Team Leader & Responsible Person

Claire Gray – Early Years Practitioner

Tori Moore – Early Years Practitioner

Chloe Benstead – L2 Apprentice


Butterfly Unit 3-4 Years old.

Tina Bunker – Unit Manager, Team Leader and Early Years Teacher

Georgie Mullery – Early Years Practitioner

Nicky Payne – Early Practitioner

Carolyne Rule – Early Years Practitioner